By: Allison M | June 19, 2018

The state of your space is a direct reflection of your internal state of mind. Consciously or subconsciously, your home is letting you know, what is going on in your life. 

If you're feeling stuck or frustrated in some way, start with the easiest thing to tackle....your HOME! Clear your clutter to free your life. It's amazing how freeing up a bit of space physically, can create positive shifts for you energetically. 

Take a look around your home, as though you are seeing it for the first time. Open the front door, walk in and REALLY look around. This is called using your "Feng Shui Eyes." It sounds too simple, yet it is a powerful step to clutter clearing. It's amazing how many things become "invisible" as you wa...

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By: Allison M | April 23, 2018

The busy bee activity of today's daily life, makes convenience nearly mandatory. That also can mean, entering your home through the nearest door to your parking space; be it a garage door, side door or back door. While that is all well and good for ease, the energy in your home is suffering greatly. How you ask? Because the MAJORITY of light, vibrant, new energy that enters your home, comes in through the FRONT door.

When the front door is neglected, so is the opportunity to renew the energy within your environment. There are a few simple cures that you can put into place, to jump start your flow and create an amazing renewal of the energy in your home.

Create an inviting entrance. Chances are that if you don't use the front door often, it ma...

By: Allison M | April 16, 2018

Are you seeking a romantic partner or maybe desire to spice up your current romance? If you're saying YES..then look no farther than a dose of Feng Shui Magic.

Step back and take a look at your bedroom. Get a good look around with a fresh perspective. What do you see? Clutter possibly? A single lamp or bedside table? Over stuffed closet space or drawers? 

Too much "stuff" in your bedroom can not only lead to poor sleep quality and low energy, (which I'll cover in a later post,) it can also make your space too "stuffed" for a partner or romance. Before you begin adding intentions, energy and "cures" to your space, start by clearing the way for new energy to arrive. 

To attract a partner, make space for t...

By: Allison M | April 04, 2018

Whether it feels like Spring yet in your neck of the woods, it's a great time to begin clearing away the stagnant energy from winter, and plan ahead for new growth in your home and life!

Let the light shine in! Your doors and windows are the main entry ways for new, light, vibrant energy to flow into your home. Open curtains, blinds and any doors possible, and let the light enter. This is especially important in little used areas such as guest rooms. 

Clean the windows! Even if it is still too chilly to work your way outdoors, begin on the inside. Clean your windows and storm doors to allow bright light in and clear views of the outdoors. This will prevent distorted energy flow through a filter of grime.

Place those crystals baby! Add a c...

By: Allison M | February 19, 2018

Your energy is always shifting and changing. Keeping it clear and free from negativity is a simple yet important part of spiritual self-care. 

When should you smudge?

- When moving into a new space.

- After a party or get together.

- After an argument or other event which causes discord.

- Monthly for maintaining clear energy flow.

- Whenever you feel that negative energy may be lingering.

Choose your favorite smudge bundle and BEGIN! Happy Clearing!