By: Allison M | March 29, 2019

Infusing color into your life with intention, is a powerful energy tool. Whether you are implementing Feng Shui, creating ways to balance your chakra's or simply desiring to create a new look or mood, adding color can be simple and fun!

Decor -

Splashes of color can be added to your home in creative ways, with little expense. Candles, throw pillows or rugs, a throw blanket, a piece of artwork (especially one you create,) a bowl of fruit or vase of flowers, are all simple ways to add the colors of your intentions to your environment.

Paint - 

While a greater investment of time and energy, adding colorful touches to your home with paint, can make a huge impact on your space. Repainting an entire room is not necessary at all. Think focal points! Creating an accent wall with the color you desire can change the entire energy of a room. 

Is there a piece of furniture that could use a makeover? Get crafty and repaint a chest, dresser, chair, or anything else you can imagine, and stage it as a focal point of color in your space.

Wardrobe - 

Wearing your "power color" is one of the best ways to create shifts with the use of color. Have a big presentation ahead? Wear red to invoke confidence and the power of your good reputation. Headed to a group event that feels overwhelming? Wear green or blue to surround yourself in soothing energetic vibes.

Taking the wardrobe one step farther into accessories is my personal favorite option! That red power purse or those glam power shoes help you step out in style....with confidence! 

The only limit to infusing color into your life is your own imagination! Put on that pastel creativity boosting thinking cap and begin to create a color filled life by design!


Begin coloring your life by design, by discovering your personal power color! 

Download your color guide today and have fun infusing your life with color filled energy.


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