By: Allison M | March 25, 2019

Creativity block. It strikes the best of us on occasion, and can be extremely frustrating! Whether you are an artist, writer, designer or even a student working on a project, that block can hit at any given time. Frustration overload!  

Before you begin a project, set yourself up energetically for success! Surrounding yourself with pastels, helps to unlock your creativity and allow it to flow. Any pastels will do and only a small dose is required. Don't fret over repainting a room or buying new furniture.

Set the intention to keep your creativity flowing while adding simple pastel touches! A throw pillow in your work chair, a throw blanket to keep you cozy, a small rug near your work space, pretty flowers or a piece of artwork, are all simple, quick color infusions! 

If you desire creativity on the go, find a wardrobe item that makes you feel amazing! A sweater, jacket, top, scarf or even tote makes for perfect, portable pastel energy.

Set yourself up for creative success with a simple infusion of color! 


Begin your color filled journey by discovering your personal color! Infuse it into your life with intention and watch your energy soar.

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