By: Allison M | April 25, 2019

Let's face it, clutter for most, is a part of life. The piles, the stacks, the towers. Ok, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but the truth is, there is bound to be clutter lurking somewhere in your space. While it may not seem like too large of a problem,  it can be harming your personal energy and creating behind the scenes stress. 

Every object you own, whether you see it or not, has it's own unique energy. When you stash things here and there, or allow clutter to build up, the natural energy flow in your space begins to stagnate or even clog up. When you make more space, you create a new, vibrant energy flow which you can feel and enjoy. Stress can come into play when your clutter and your energy collide. You may be experiencing lower energy and when you have to sort through clutter to find things or function properly, frustration ensues. Hello STRESS! Getting organized is an ideal way to begin creating a less stressful life.

Clearing clutter doesn't have to be a horribly daunting task. Simply choose a spot, not a whole room, and declutter a bit. A few minutes each day can make a huge impact in a short period of time. Gift items to friends or family, donate to  a worthy cause or recycle the piles of paper. Not only will you be helping your space and energy to thrive, you will be paying it forward to others that you know, or those in need.  

Need a hand getting started? Grab the Clutter Clearing for Abundant Energy guide today and get to creating  vibrant new energy.


Don't miss out on your guide to less stress! Clear your clutter in no time and begin to breathe in calm....and exhale the stuff, stuffing up your energy!


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