By: Allison M | September 28, 2018

Crisp breezes, sweaters, colorful trees, boots and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING are on the way! Fall is here and it's time to embrace the season. Spring is the usual time to dig in and get your space in order. However in the Fall, as nature releases the old of the year, you can do the same in your own environment. Fall is the time to....Let it Gooooo!

One of the biggest impacts to the Feng Shui of your home is clutter. The worst part being, that over time, some of that clutter becomes "invisible." As you walk through the same rooms day after day, piles of papers can become a normal feature. Daily items left in the entryway become a common scene. Having these random clutter areas, can decrease the energy flow in your home and affect the way you and your family feel day in and day out.

Begin your Fall Feng Shui journey by walking through your home as if you are a guest. Open that front door, step in and really take a good long look around. What has become invisible? Acceptable? Would a guest thing it was beautiful? Once you begin to notice items that have piled up or are out of place, you will know where to begin your Fall purge! Ask yourself....

Is this still useful? Will I need this in the next 6 months? Does this have a permanent home?

As you get clear on what you have laying around, you may find that you can let things go and not have to store as much in your home. Open space allows energy flow! The greater the flow, the more uplifted, vibrant energy you are allowing in.

This is a wonderful time of year to donate used items to worthy charities and to share things with others that you no longer need. What a fabulous way to begin welcomingin the Holiday season.

What can you let go of this weekend? Your home and energy will thank you!

Happy Feng Shui-ing!


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