By: Allison M | April 04, 2018

Whether it feels like Spring yet in your neck of the woods, it's a great time to begin clearing away the stagnant energy from winter, and plan ahead for new growth in your home and life!

Let the light shine in! Your doors and windows are the main entry ways for new, light, vibrant energy to flow into your home. Open curtains, blinds and any doors possible, and let the light enter. This is especially important in little used areas such as guest rooms. 

Clean the windows! Even if it is still too chilly to work your way outdoors, begin on the inside. Clean your windows and storm doors to allow bright light in and clear views of the outdoors. This will prevent distorted energy flow through a filter of grime.

Place those crystals baby! Add a clear quartz crystal to window sills wherever you can! Clear quartz will help to amplify and direct the new, positive energy entering your home. You can get really creative and focus your intentions by adding other crystals to support specific desires. Citrine for positive, happy energy & prosperity. Rose quartz for love and harmony. Or even Smokey quartz to dispel and transmute negativity. The sky is the limit.

Open cabinets, closets and pantries to release stagnant energy! These dark, closed spaces hold pockets of energy which get little flow. Light a white tea candle in each room, open all of the doors to storage spaces and light a stick of incense. The smoke will flow through and jump start a new stream of energy.

Let it GOOOOO! **Enter Frozen Melody** Now is the perfect time to let go of anything you haven't used in a while, clothing you haven't worn, or anything you don't love anymore! A home is a reflection of the people within, and as you change and evolve, so should your environment. 

As Spring arrives so does new growth. Take a moment to decide if your space is supporting and nurturing your goals. Allow it to support who you are NOW and who you desire to become. Energy is fluid, create an environment which uplifts and nurtures you in every way.

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