By: Allison M | April 16, 2018

Are you seeking a romantic partner or maybe desire to spice up your current romance? If you're saying YES..then look no farther than a dose of Feng Shui Magic.

Step back and take a look at your bedroom. Get a good look around with a fresh perspective. What do you see? Clutter possibly? A single lamp or bedside table? Over stuffed closet space or drawers? 

Too much "stuff" in your bedroom can not only lead to poor sleep quality and low energy, (which I'll cover in a later post,) it can also make your space too "stuffed" for a partner or romance. Before you begin adding intentions, energy and "cures" to your space, start by clearing the way for new energy to arrive. 

To attract a partner, make space for them! Clear out drawer space in expectation of their presence. Open up a space in the closet for their things. A small corner will do just fine as a start. 

*Make certain to let go of anything that you may have held on to from previous partners. This is certainly not the energy to keep in your environment.*

Once you have created space for your new romance, begin adding the cures & intentions which will signal the Universe that you are ready to receive a partner. Add decorative items in pairs. A pair of candlesticks, two bedside tables, two lamps. Artwork depicting images of items in pairs or happy couples. Avoid putting family photos and photos of children in your bedroom. These can be quite a distraction to romance.

Bring in fire energy to spice up romance! Candles and soft mood lighting are direct fire energy. The colors of red, pink or orange also represent fire. Get creative and balance these items in your space in a way that represents your personality and the outcome you desire.

Choose one special item to act as your magical focus point. A rose quartz crystal is a great example of a special way to heighten the energy of your desires. Sit down and write out in as much detail as possible, all of the qualities you seek in a partner. Take your time and dig deep, going beyond the physical traits and tapping into the personality traits, likes and dislikes and anything else that is important to you. Describe a perfect date and begin to feel how the connection grows. The Universe has your back, however it must know EXACTLY what you desire to be able to deliver it to you. Place this list under your magical focus point item and allow it to amplify your energy.

Light a candle near your magical focus point and keep it burning for an hour or two daily. (Make certain never to leave a burning candle unattended.) An LED candle will work just as well. This daily flame will keep renewing the energy of your desires and disburse it to the Universe.

WIth magical Feng Shui, you are creating an environment that supports your energy work and magic in every way! Keep your space fresh and renewed to allow your intentions to be lifted up and returned to you with ease.

Happy Feng Shui-ing!



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