By: Allison M | April 23, 2018

The busy bee activity of today's daily life, makes convenience nearly mandatory. That also can mean, entering your home through the nearest door to your parking space; be it a garage door, side door or back door. While that is all well and good for ease, the energy in your home is suffering greatly. How you ask? Because the MAJORITY of light, vibrant, new energy that enters your home, comes in through the FRONT door.

When the front door is neglected, so is the opportunity to renew the energy within your environment. There are a few simple cures that you can put into place, to jump start your flow and create an amazing renewal of the energy in your home.

Create an inviting entrance. Chances are that if you don't use the front door often, it may not be uplifting and welcoming. Go outside and take a look at your entrance as if you were a guest visiting for the first time. What do you see? Cobwebs? Dusty steps? Is the path to the door clear and unobstructed? If the answer is nope, then get to clearing. Sweep, dust, trim the pathway of any obstacles and create a visible clear path to the front door.

Is your house number visible from the road? While we won't go into it here, numbers carry their own vital energies and making sure your home number is visible from the road, draws that energy in. (Not to mention offers a sense of safety and security knowing you can be easily found in an emergency.) Put on your crafty pants and find unique ways to make your number visible! Paint it on a big rock, or a sign. Make a garden flag .You name it, the ideas are endless.

Light the way. Making certain that your walkway and entrance are well lit at night is another powerful energy booster. (Again, as well as a safety and security issue!) With all of the solar lighting available, you won't even need electrical skills to make it happen. You don't have to be lit up like a runway, simply add enough lighting to illuminate the way.

Get crafty, creative and have some FUN, making your entrance as unique as you are. Open that front door as often as you can to create that influx of new energy. Make a commitment to yourself to go out the front door to check the mail daily, or place a plant on the porch that will require your attention. Whatever you do, your home and energy will thank you.

Happy Feng Shui-ing!



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