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Feng Shui for Your Home- 

Full Home Feng Shui - 

Create a personal retreat to support and nurture your life. 

Opening up your space  and allowing energy to flow freely, can help you shed stress and  find a renewed sense of calm. Home is your sacred space and can become your greatest support system when you apply Feng Shui principals with intention.

Begin your Feng Shui journey today and  feel the benefits of a calm and soothing environment. 

The process is FUN and simple. We will discuss your goals and what you desire to achieve. Through photos I will create recommendations that are simple to implement. (No major overhauls required!) 

You receive a detailed guide to follow through your home, along with decor and color recommendations. Plus a follow up call to answer any questions and help you to perfect your design!

Full Home Consultation - 


Apartment Consultation -


One Area Feng Shui Makeover-

Are you feeling as though an area of your life could use a boost? 

Ready for more romance?

Desiring an income boost?

Feeling as though your overall energy is lagging?

Have some fun AND get your flow on, with a one area Feng Shui Makeover!

Choose your desired result, choose the space to redo and let's get the party started!

Through photos we will work together to customize a plan which will infuse your desires into your environment. 

You will receive a written plan, along with photos to inspire your decor and jump start the creative process. The best part is that it will be simple and FUN!

Schedule your makeover today! 

One area Feng Shui Makeover - $125.00

One area Feng Shui Makeover

Personalized cures, magical solutions!

Schedule your makeover today!


Distance Space Clearings- 

There are homes and certain spaces that feel so amazing! You know them, they feel light, welcoming and relaxing. Energy is clear and flowing in a soothing way. 

On the other hand, have you ever walked into a house or building and felt as though you wanted to turn around and high tail it out of there? Or possibly, entered a space and felt as though the air itself were heavy and unwelcoming? These spaces are filled with lingering energy, left behind by people and experiences which inhabited their walls. Layers of energy build over time, creating a web of sorts, which can affect anyone that enters a space. 

Space clearings are the ideal way to keep a home feeling light, fresh, welcoming and supportive of your energy. They help your space become a sanctuary to support and nurture your energy in every way.

There are many instances when a space clearing will be not only beneficial, but necessary to your energy.

- For Healing

- After an Illness 

- To Manifest What You Desire in Life

- To Enhance Spiritual Development

- For Increased Vitality 

- To Improve Your Romantic Life

- To Change an Atmosphere

- To Give you a Sense of Belonging in a Place

With Magical Feng Shui Space Clearing, your home will become an uplifting sanctuary filled with light, vibrant energy! Let's free your home of the webs of stagnating, stressed energy. It's clearing time.

Each session is conducted with a finely honed energy evaluation & clearing. We will connect with a follow up call after the process, to discuss findings and share specific maintenance practices with you.

Distance Space Clearing-

Homes - $111.00

Business - $222.00

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