Feng Shui Classes & Workshops

Upcoming Classes

Thursday January 23rd or February 6th

6:15- 7:30 PM

Solid Grounds Coffee in LIberty

141 Front Street

Liberty, SC 29657

Register today to reserve your space! Bring a friend and have an evening of fun. 

Class Cost $25.00 per person.

Bring pen or pencil and a note pad to take notes and map your own home!

Food & drink available for purchase. 

*No outside foods or drinks.

Feng Shui for Love & Romance

Get ready for Valentine's Day, by discovering how to spice up your love and romance energy!

Feng Shui is an ancient practice, which can be an amazing benefit to creating the life you envision living. With a few simple changes, you can turn your environment into a supportive atmosphere which nurtures your life in positive ways. 

Balance your energy by balancing your stuff! Placing decor and colors with specific intentions, not only enhances the physical appearance of your home, it can help to uplift the way you and those you love function and interact.

Create a romantic atmosphere which can carry through all year long. 

Pinpoint areas in your home, which may create unnecessary stress and energy blocks.

Create an inviting flow of energy into your home to welcome family and guests.

Discover colors & decor which create fun Feng Shui cures for your space.


Ways to lessen your stress and overwhelm, through changes in your environment.

For more information please email Allison @


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