Hi! Nice to meet you!

Thank you for stopping by! I'm Allison Moss, Feng Shui Fun Gal and Lifestyle Mentor! My passion is helping you to get more out of life, by living with LESS stress and an abundance of the good things instead. Feng Shui can help you with ALL of that and more. My personal journey through anxiety has shown what a difference can be felt with small changes that create BIG impacts. With an AMAZING husband, two little girls, three fur babies and a sassy hedgehog at home, creating ease has become a full fledged lifestyle!

My 20+ years of Feng Shui experience along with a certification in the Law of Attraction, have taught me that making things FUN and easy....creates powerful results. That has become my style. (Who needs super hard home makeovers right?) If you're ready to dive into creating more ease and abundance in your life, I'm waiting to hear from you!

Let's get together and create the life you envision with Fun, Feng Shui and Friendship!



Contact: MagnoliaFengShui@gmail.com

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